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    On tech news!! Apple Have Just Been Handed a $999 Billion Lawsuit For Slowing Down Old iPhones

    If you own an iPhone, chances are you’re not very happy with Apple right now, especially if your phone is one of the older models. News broke this week that Apple had been purposely slowing down older iPhone models, and customers were not happy about it.

    Apple claims the slow down is an effort to extend the lifespan of the older phones, since battery life decreases as phones age. However, iPhone owners are seeing it as an attempt to force customers into buying newer models of the phone.

    Many owners of older generation iPhones claim they all upgraded to newer models when their phone significantly slowed down after downloading new versions of iOS.

    The owners claim they would have just replaced their batteries instead of buying whole new phones if they knew what was allegedly going on. As a result, Apple is now being hit with multiple lawsuits. One of these lawsuits is seeking a whopping $999 billion!

    At least eight lawsuits have now been filed with different federal courts, complaining that Apple deliberately hindered their product’s performance and that they showed a great lack of transparency about the issue.

    While a simple battery replacement could have solved the problem, Apple refused to make that information clear to its customers, and now people are claiming the tech giant attempted to conceal that information on purpose.

    However, the $999 billion lawsuit, which was filed in San Francisco on Thursday, accused Apple of masking the problem in an attempt to make more money.

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