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    On gist!! Giant python attacks Indonesian man before being eaten

    A giant python attacked an Indonesian man, nearly severing his arm, before hungry villagers chopped up the reptile and ate it, a police chief said Wednesday.

    Security guard Robert Nababan crossed paths with the giant creature while patrolling an oil palm plantation in the remote Batang Gansal subdistrict of Sumatra island on Saturday.

    "The python was 7.8 metres long (25.6 feet), it was unbelievably huge," local police chief Sutarja, who like many Indonesians only has one name, told AFP.

    Sutarja said the 37-year-old Nababan, who sometimes liked to eat snake, tried to catch the giant python and stuff it in a gunny sack.

    But the huge serpent fought back and bit him on his left arm, nearly severing it from his body.

    Nababan was then rushed to a hospital in a neighbouring town for treatment.

    Yahoo News

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