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    Happy Independence Day To All Nigerians

    Nigeria’s 57th independence anniversary is today Sunday, October 1, and many Nigerians are grateful to witness another epoch.

    Here are sampled opinions of Nigerians to know what they love about their country and why…

    Sunny Awoniyi

    Nigeria is my country, we have great people, great tradition. No matter where you go, there is just no place like home. That is what I love about my country.

    Chibuzo Akale

    I love the diverse culture, peace we have in Nigeria. No matter the violence and destruction caused by insurgency and IPOB, Nigeria is still a peaceful place to live.

    There is food in Nigeria and it is reasonably cheap to me.

    Grace Ayam

    Home is home, no matter what. It is where you would be accepted and loved unconditionally. I was born in Nigeria, we still have good people around.

    Esther Oluwafemi
    The diversity we are blessed in Nigeria, we don’t have all the natural disasters happening in other countries.

    Nigerians are beautiful people, with diverse talents. We just need to channel our energy to the right source.

    Folorunsho Hamzat

    I am proud to be a Nigerian. I love her peculiar uniqueness, the cultural expression and the fact that she has always weathered the regular storms of inter tribal challenges.

    It is not easy for a country to survive such challenges that Nigeria had to experience and still experiencing at intervals. But she is a country of over 500 tribes still waxing stronger amidst such storms I hail the flexibility of my fellow countrymen and women in the face of failure of leadership, the determination to want to remain  united.
    Although some would call it gullibility, I say no, it’s sheer love for one another.

    Bose Jennifer

    Nigeria is a place to invest, that is why a lot of investors are coming to Nigeria to do business.

    Zainab Oba

    Nigerians are rugged people. Despite the hardship, we still make ourselves happy, we don’t take no for an answer.

    Dele Yemisi

    l love Nigeria because it is the most populous black nation. I love our anthem and our flag too.

    Segun Adedeji

    I love the fact that we love God, Nigerians bare very religious. Most of us believe in God.

    Kehinde Kolawole

    I love Nigeria because I am a Nigerian. We should love whatever God created because he is a perfect God. All he created is good.

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