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    Wtf!! This is probably the most shocking,vulgar birthday cake you've ever seen

    Based on a request by a lady for her boyfriend's birthday,a baker made a very vulgar birthday cake, a 'Thai ladyboy masterpiece'.

    The cake which took her two days to make is moulded into the shape of someone bending down on a bed, with genitals, lace stockings and a 'Jonny' tattoo on one bum cheek.

    Speaking of the guests'reaction to the cake,baker ,Abi Smith said

    "The cake has almost all been eaten, there's just the bum cheeks left. I like my cakes to taste as good as they look!
    "This is the first cake I have made that's this explicit. I have never done anything like this before so I can't quite believe how well it's turned out and the attention it's getting!
    "I would be happy to make something like this in future. I'd make anything if it's what people want." explicit photos here (may be offensive)

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